I have absolutely no idea what it is about the French and extreme metal – but they seem to raise the bar again and again. It is getting to the point that you discover a new release from the land of the Franks and can almost guarantee that it will be twice as good as anything else you have listened to that week, or even that month. And here, hailing from Normandy, Sordide have gone and done exactly that.

Treading the alluring path that leads between the bare essentials of black metal and the melodic thump of black n’roll, as well as taking a quick detour around some of the more depressive landmarks, ‘Les Idées Blanches’ is a quite exceptional record. The greatest attributes are undeniably the balance of the dynamics and the colossal riff storm that signifies their threatening presence.

More than happy to throw in some doomy, suicidal wailings, and then follow it up with a shimmering, barbaric crescendo, this is an exercise in genuine creativity and impulse. Highly enjoyable from start to finish – like filling a bath up with oxtail soup and then chucking a couple of Jack Russells in, that kind of fun.


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