The odd band stain the old grey matter with an indelible and ferocious dye but, sadly and for whatever reason, this gradually pales over the years until you can hardly make out any mark at all. The UK’s Ageless Oblivion are one of those bands. They literally rampaged into the consciousness a few years ago with the sublime ‘Penthos’ but then scurried back into the wilderness of obscurity as their output, and their profile, took a thudding node dive. This was a mighty shame.

However, all is not lost as they sail back into the foray on a glorious thunder cloud and hurl bolts of precise, electrifying lightning into the UK death metal scene. Their particularly individual sound takes the magnanimous wholeness of Blood Incantation, chucks in a little of the barbaric mechanics of Ulcerate and tops it all with the blackened cosmos wielded by bands such as Aversio Humanitatis and Panzerfaust. All in all, a breathtakingly wondrous combination.

Opener ‘In Medias Res’ sets their stall out early and brings the colossal drum assault, frenzied riff explosions and tastily ravaging vocals that define pretty much all of this extreme affair. Particular favourites leap out in the midst of battle such as the scintillating ‘All Was Froze’ and the flesh-stripping undulations in ‘Cohesion’. However, it’s on closer, the epic ‘Eldmessa’, where the journey becomes the destination and the fragments become the whole. As UK, and indeed global, melodic and technical death metal goes, this is right up there on the end of the knife.

All in all, it’s certainly great to see this fine bunch appear from nowhere again – and maybe it’s at a time when the warriors had become battle-weary and these are just the fresh legs that we all needed. However it turns out, this one isn’t going anywhere. Just be good if, this time, it decides to bring some friends rather than disappearing off for a sleep under the trees.


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