I particularly enjoy albums that weave a tale in front of me and don’t sullenly sit on their hands and expect me to do the thinking for them. There needs to be a beginning, a hero and a villain; there needs to be a setting and, above all, the crushing weight of truly horrifically heavy music to provide me with a soothing and immersive soundtrack. On ‘Vazio’, these are all present in bucket loads.

Here, I am the villain. There is nothing I can consciously do to avoid being overwhelmed by this swirling, gritty mass of funeral doom fuelled by the gruesome bloods of black metal. The record will always triumph as it builds through the earth-shattering title track, the barbaric ‘Magno Caos’ and the vortex-imploring ‘Hecatombe’. As a whole, it anchors itself keenly to the trudging desolation of this decelerated doom, but it is the anguish of the vocals that rips it open repeatedly to expose a more melodic, unquestionably evil heart.

Reminding me of Arrant Saudade, along with the meanderings akin to Ahab, Sepulcros have unveiled an insatiably weighty offering where it would be a rarity to be unimpressed. Let the music tell the story and let the growling vocal delivery spin the apparitions – you really don’t have to do anything at all.


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