It must be a great testament to this record that I chose to review it on a day when there has been a veritable feast of far blacker and far more demonic offerings on display. But, after subjected my ear holes to a succession of extreme delights, this was the one that has really stood out to me – so, with a click of the fingers, here’s the word.

Of course, I am the first to admit that the more brutal end of the death metal genre can get a little bit ‘samey’ and has the temptation to reinvent the wheel of torture on occasion. However, this little chunk of death grind sublimity grabs lumps of flesh from such a variety of sources that it’s impossible not to be captivated by it from the off. I can hear the ripping guitar detonating like Gatecreeper, I can hear the classical death metal chaos of Deicide but, most importantly, I can hear the terrorizing grind of Fukpig.

Dishes are served such as ‘Totem Crucifix’, ‘Sexual Matador’ and the gloriously titled, and sounding, ‘The Meanest Fish to Swim With’. Each one is poured down your front, stuffed into your mouth and the ripped out of your stomach through a conveniently placed hole it tears in the front of you, rather than waiting a hopeless amount of time for it to, naturally, emerge from the back.

Cannibal Accident have an exceptional name and and exceptional sound – but they also have an undeniable intelligence and message that soars far about most of the Neanderthal shite that gets spewed out in the name of death metal. Highly, highly recommended.


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