It does seem to be the ‘age of the EP’. There are, currently, more about than you can shake a stick at. Maybe it’s caused by a global pandemic and one of the side-effects is a dramatically reduced attention span. Who knows. One thing I do enjoy though is a quick blast – as long as, if it’s decent, it may then fill the bath of the future and let me wallow in a more luxuriating offering at that point. I digress.

Maestitium are new to me and, it turns out. everyone else. A Sweden-based studio project, the composer, a man named Elias Westrin, has taken the ever-so-clever step of recruiting Nils ‘Dominator’ Fjellstrom (ex-Dark Funeral) and Anton Flodin (Deathbreed) to assist with the recording honours yet, aside from that, has produced a wondrous slab of triumphant melodic death metal akin to the earlier years of Insomnium or, in places, the out-and-out combat of Amon Amarth.

Combining the expected clean vocal forays with a hefty, barking mainstay, it is the last track on the EP which bears the same name as the EP title, where it all comes together for me. A colossal and downright pummelling exercise in precise and biting metal exploration underpinned by an expectedly phenomenal drum display.

‘Tale of the Endless’ is very well balanced, dynamically alluring and precisely executed. If you’re into your melodic death, and into early Sentenced rather than Countless Skies, then this will appeal. There is a popular sheen to it but the underlying folklore still holds strong and, as such, this should be on the radar.




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