Some reviews are objective and some are subjective – and some you just write for your own selfish desires. This is one of the latter and I will start by saying I have no qualms at all when I effuse in a glorious shower of sickly sweet contentment about this latest offering from Swedish post-metal progressives Cult of Luna.

Following on from 2019’s ‘A Dawn To Fear’ which stands of one of the best releases of that year, they have now brought forth an EP that doggedly journeys on from where they left off. From the outrageously desolate heaviness of the opener ‘Three Bridges’, the Luna sound is defined and deliberate. An angular, emotion-shredding tumble through an uncompromising realm awaits all who immerse themselves in this slice of post-metal brilliance.

Perhaps the finest moments are within the soft clouds that billow through the middle ground as the coarse, tobacco tones of Mark Lanegan sail eloquently across a sparkling yet, nonetheless, bleak acoustic breeze. Combining two of my greatest musical loves is nothing short of a ‘moment’ for me – and the results are sensational.

I was never going to have a bad word to say about this but I am hugely relieved that Cult of Luna have continued the barren edges they found on later releases and, furthermore, pushed themselves into being, perhaps, the greatest exponents of this particular craft. Being an EP, it can’t have full marks but, oh boy, it was so so close.



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