The last place I want to be right now is sat here. Snuggly nestled into the sofa in my living room. The same place I’ve spent the past 10 months. The Trivax stage is set beautifully – skulls adorn the mic stands and incense smoulders in its burner – my heart breaks ever so slightly. I realise that I won’t get the full Trivax experience tonight. Many of the more esoteric elements of a show, particularly a Trivax show, are missing. I cannot smell the sweet and acrid aroma of that incense as it drifts into the audience. I cannot feel the connection with those around me, nor with the music as it envelops me completely. But as the introduction to Trivax’s latest track, the nine minute long, ‘Into The Void’ slowly builds – I feel that familiar anticipation and excitement that accompanies the start of a live performance.

If I had the choice of a band from the UK scene to perform an online show – Trivax would surely have been contender for top of that list. They always deliver a visually gripping performance – particularly frontman, Shayan, who whips himself up into a trance-like frenzy. Anyone who has been caught, mid-set, in his dark gaze will know that he can look into the very soul of a person. Their killer riffs mixed with an eastern flare never fails to delight me and provide an almost spiritual experience. Tonight is no different, they seem to dig deep into themselves and dredge up every ounce of fearsome power – it’s all fire and fury. I’ve seen the band perform in front of many different crowds of varying sizes and I honestly don’t think it matters to them whether there are 500 people or only five watching. The threesome is so tight tonight that I find myself wondering if they are even aware that they’re playing in an otherwise empty room.

The live stream is getting a lot of positive attention – at least 150 people are watching live and the chat room is alive with people who are especially delighted by the cover of Watain’s ‘The Devil’s Blood’. By the morning, the views are in the thousands and a lot of money has been raised for the venue, Boom Leeds. The venue has done a brilliant job setting up the live streaming – the sound, lighting and camera work is all top notch and really adds to the experience. Despite still being unreasonably upset that I can’t smell the smoke through my screen, I’m immersed into the action with multiple camera angles and the way the band command the stage. There is none of the awkwardness you can sometimes feel during online streams – Shayan addresses us directly down the camera and backing tracks build the atmosphere and fill the gaps whilst they tune up in between songs.

I don’t want there to be more of these live streams – I just want to return to how it should be, a sweaty petri dish of germs, live music and intoxication. But tonight’s online diversion leaves me temporarily satisfied and tremendously impressed with Trivax.

Watch the full show:

Into the Void
Hysteria Mania
He Wandered off to Nowhere
Guitar Solo
Corona Mortis
The Devil’s Blood (Watain Cover)

Boom Leeds Crowdfunding Campaign:
Trivax Official Merchandise:

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